Egyption Artifacts at Grand Canyon

Digging up an old story of Grand Canyon mystery caves brings to mind Steve Martin's hit, "King Tut". In the song, King Tut was "Born in Arizona, moved to Babylonia". So what does Steve Martin know that we don't?

In April of 1909, an article appeared in the Phoenix Gazette that told of the discovery of Egyptian artifacts in the strangest of places, Arizona. The article recounted the tale of G.E. Kinkaid and his findings in these previously unknown, and still mysterious, caves of the Grand Canyon.

Kinkaid claims he found a great underground citadel containing Egyption mummies, architecture and heiroglyphics. According to the article, the expedition was overseen by the Smithsonian Institution, but the Smithsonian claims to have no record or artifacts from the search.

You can read the whole story here - Grand Canyon Mystery Caves.

More information is being gathered on these discoveries. Check out Lost City of the Dead.

The next link speculates an alternate location for the Grand Canyon mystery caves. This is based on reports by backpackers of sealed caverns with unusual entrances found near Isis Temple. The author also claims that the location of Isis Temple relates to that of other sacred sites when you apply Sacred Geometry.

Not being mathematically inclined myself (there, I've admitted it), it didn't mean much to me, but maybe it will interest you.
Ancient Egyption Treasures in the Grand Canyon has an interesting page that mentions these caves. They have stories about other strange underground tunnels that you've probably never heard of.
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