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Since 1965

The Phantom Ranch Grand Canyon was built in 1922 and originally created to greet the rich and famous folks who were the only ones that could afford a trip to the Grand Canyon. Mary Colter designed the Ranch, as well as several other well-known structures in the Park.

Today it is an equal opportunity destination with eleven stone and wood cabins and four dormitories that are usually used by those with backcountry hiking permits. People taking an overnight mule ride stay at the Phantom Ranch too (it's included in the trip price).

You can only get the the Phantom Ranch, Grand Canyon by hiking, mule or raft. Most people seem to arrive on foot. Hiking down into the canyon in the summer can be brutal! I'd definately recommend spring, fall or winter. Besides, the reservations may be easier to get.

The cabins have a bathroom, but no shower facilities, you'll have to use shared ones. Dorms are gender separated and have their own showers. Whether you want to stay in a cabin or the dorms, reservations are required (usually well in advance) for this popular destination.

You'll need to reserve your place at the table too. The food is good, but there's not a huge selection. The prices reflect the cost of packing everything down into the canyon. In 2005 the beef stew or a vegetarian dinner are each about $20, and a steak dinner is around $30. Breakfasts are just under $20, and you can get a sack lunch for about $10 (these prices could change at any time). Those Phantom Ranch Grand Canyon steak dinners are famous!

If you've packed in your own food, you can still get snacks, drinks and supplies at the Canteen. They even serve beer in the dining hall in the evening, no reservation needed! Hours for the Canteen are 8am to 4pm and 8pm to 10pm.

Here is a link to check for availability or make reservations at the Phantom Ranch:
Xanterra Parks and Resorts

Bright Angel Campground is only about a half mile from the Phantom Ranch - Grand Canyon complex. In order to stay anywhere in the canyon overnight you'll need a backcountry permit.

Here's a link for the the Backcountry Office.

Here is a link to a great site. They've got a listing of some day hikes from Phantom Ranch and Bright Angel Campground: Phantom Ranch Grand Canyon Area Day Hikes. They also have a map of the area.


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